Welcome to Empower where we hope to facilitate you making connections and building relationships. This web app was probably inevitable coming from our combined educational and therapeutic backgrounds. Too often we found ourselves discussing parents from both our spheres of practice who had recently had their children diagnosed with something that sounded either foreign or absolutely terrifying.

We want to help those parents with more information about their child’s challenges, and

  • answer the questions they feel intimidated to ask
  • support from others who have been in similar circumstances
  • recommendation of the best professionals to use to support their child
  • provide options and choice to help parents feel empowered

Who we are

Mandy is a Foundation Phase Educator, with a special interest in early intervention and inclusive education. She has a Masters’ degree in Education from Concordia University, Portland and is an invited guest speaker at Inclusive Education Symposiums nationally. She is currently a Doctoral candidate at CPUT. With a passion for early childhood development and having taught children between the ages of 4 and 10, Mandy believes every child can learn, and that it is our responsibility to give every child the support they need to achieve their full potential.

Cole is a busy Occupational Therapist working in both the fields of paediatric occupational therapy and mental health. Her current Master’s degree is in the field of intellectual disability. Cole works for the NGO, The Living Link, training intellectually disabled youth for the world of work, and she works in private practice with children accommodated at inclusive educational schools. Cole is passionate about helping find solutions for parents to support their child’s best development and create meaning and purpose in their daily lives.

Welcome to our growing community where the care and support of every child’s needs drives us to provide the best opportunity for success.